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Data mining helps users uncover useful information in their data. Modeling methods allow users to create graphic models of their enterprise data standards and apply these standards to other data specifications. Modeling allows users to graphically add detail to these designs--business rules, relationships between information elements and system logic--and to analyze the designs for completeness and consistency.

KBSI has extensive experience in data modeling methods (NIAM, ER, IDEF1 IDEF1X, FIPS 184), software tools for information and data modeling (SMARTER®), ontology capture methods (IDEF5), ontology capture and browsing software (MODELMOSAIC®), process knowledge capture methods (IDEF3), and process knowledge interchange methods (PSL).  KBSI’s President, Dr. Richard Mayer, was lead engineer for the development of the information and data modeling methods IDEF1 and IDEF1X at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  IDEF1X is based on entity-relationship modeling principles and is known in the DoD as Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 184, the federal standard for relational database modeling.

Our experience in data modeling methods and standards and in the related areas of data mining, data warehousing, and software agents and agent communication languages, can help you find tailored solutions for your data and information projects and designs.