webbanner controlsystems Control Systems

KBSI has worked extensively in control and dynamic systems research, developing novel concepts for the aerospace industry and for other commercial and government agencies. Control and dynamic theory, analysis, and design have a wide variety of applications, including in navigation, guidance, and tracking systems, and KBSI has developed various applications for autonomous/semi-autonomous mission planning and trajectory planning and tracking for unmanned and autonomous systems. These systems have a number of applications including use in cooperative rescue and search, reconnaissance, surveillance and inspection, and air support and attack.

KBSI has also developed algorithms for online learning, path planning, and feasible trajectory generation; these algorithms are used to improve  decision making and reactive response to emerging situations in the application environment. Our research work has also included initiatives to develop autonomous/cooperative control mechanisms for single and multi-vehicle systems, cooperative and adaptive control, inverse dynamics, and multi-sensor tracking and data fusion.