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KBSI is an industry leader in semantic technologies, assisting government and commercial organizations to more effectively leverage their information and data in their business operations. The growth and availability of data, both externally and internally, and the systems warehousing of this data have hindered the ability to effectively utilize it in decision-making and planning.  Semantic technologies provide an intelligent platform for analyzing and utilizing data, delivering new insights to organizations and improving their products and services.

KBSI has extensive experience in the creation and application of advanced and innovative semantic technologies that are being applied and delivering value in a wide variety of organizations today. KBSI's semantic technologies have become central to a broad range of our research and development initiatives, including work with the DoD, NASA, DOE and the Department of Homeland Security in areas such as medical data mining, threat detection, computer network security, discovery of disease outbreaks, cash reserves management and financial fraud detection, decision making and training, target decoy recognition, the redesigning of complex, multi-agent systems and business intelligence.

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