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Planning and workflow management systems are important contributors to the success of business processes, particularly in large scale enterprises. KBSI's planning and scheduling solutions use the latest standards, methods and analytical, rules based simulation engines to generate robust plans and schedules that reflect real world business needs. Our technologies allow users to quickly and easily model and, using an array of simulation parameters, analyze variability and uncertainty regarding resources, materials, production outputs, and manpower.

KBSI has developed technologies for a number of funded initiatives that focused on planning, scheduling and workflow management. The Agile, Wireless Enabled Workflows for Ship Manufacture and Repair (AWSM) initiative for the Office of Naval Research developed methods and tools that allowed shipyard management to deliver workflow information, in real time, to every user, work crew, or process involved in the ship manufacturing enterprise. The focus of the project was to redesign shipyard processes using an entirely new paradigm: workload is constantly adjusted, using the flexibility and connectivity of PDA, Tablet PC, and wireless technologies, to optimize performance.  KBSI's WORKSIM® tool is a knowledge based scheduling system that captures all relevant workload data (task precedence constraints, task priorities, task durations, resource availability schedules, etc.) and, using this data, generates an optimal schedule for the workloads you select.

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