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KBSI's knowledge management initiatives have helped customers utilize their enterprise “knowledge” as a resource, investigating methods for uncovering and managing useful knowledge and using knowledge to help customers spur creativity and innovation in their organizations.  KBSI has developed methods and technologies that combine knowledge extraction techniques with ontology analysis methods, facilitating the discovery, integration, and sharing of knowledge. These technologies and methods allow users to rapidly deploy knowledge for the analysis, reengineering, and redesign of complex, multi-agent systems. 

The area of Health Informatics is a particularly active research focus. KBSI has developed technologies to help the Department of Defense improve the reliability and utility of their medical knowledge assets. Like other industries, health care both collects and utilizes diverse types of data--not only clinical data crucial to diagnosing and monitoring the health of patients, but also data necessary to the administration of hospitals, medical resources, and health care in general. 

Knowledge Management Categories