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Components of an enterprise system connect the various subsystems in the overarching structure, and these components can also serve as a subsystem in another system or even as a system in their own right depending on the component's function.  When one thinks of a system, however, the focus is normally on the products of that system rather than on the system components and their interrelationships.

This focus results in system developers viewing the system as a whole rather than the product of its components--compenents which could serve as tools for building and maintaining the system's products and testware for evaluation, documentation, training and other software applications.  These applications can assist users of the system in various aspects of administration, semantic searching, supply chain management, asset management, etc. with each of these components having their own pattern of development.

KBSI has provided systems integration solutions to several DoD agencies and commercial enterprises, including tools based on the IDEF methodologies and technologies for lowering maintenance costs, improving system performance and decision making, and capturing and modeling business goals.