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A business process is a set of related business activities that combine to deliver something of value to a customer or to the organization.  A business process model is the means by which an organization’s business processes are visually described.  These processes, taken as a whole, communicate the business' best practices and are vital to understanding the common goals of the business. 

KBSI is an industry leader in process analysis and design technologies and has participated in numerous process analysis and design initiatives for government and commercial organizations.  In addition, KBSI’s process analysis and design methods and technologies are an important component or our knowledge management research work: knowledge management is impossible without documenting the processes involved, including capturing and archiving both what is already known, the "as-is," and the new knowledge and skills acquired on a daily basis: the "to-be."  The combination of process modeling and knowledge management provides a more comprehensive view of the organization, showing what the organization does (or should be doing) and how information flows in and out of those activities.

KBSI is also the developer of the next generation IDEF methods: the IDEF3 Process Flow and Object State Description Capture Method, the IDEF4 Object-Oriented Design Method, and the IDEF5 Ontology Description Capture Method. KBSI's commercial software ProCap® (process modeling and analysis) and PROSIM® (process modeling and analysis with simulation model generation) are based on the IDEF3 method, and the ModelMosaic® technology (ontology configuration and capture) is based on the IDEF5 and IDEF3 methods.