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KBSI has developed a number of innovative methods and technologies to help government and commercial enterprises stretch their budgets and track, manage and control their costs. KBSI’s technologies combine structured methodologies with the latest best costing practices.

When determining how to cost different strategy options, decision makers must consider not only the costs incurred today, but also the costs incurred as a consequence of their strategy choices. In other words, effectively weighing different maintenance strategy options requires both cost accounting and cost projection methods and tools. Cost accounting methods assist in appropriately allocating observed costs based on actual resource consumption. Methods like Activity Based Costing (ABC) provide a useful framework for this purpose. Cost projection involves determining the upcoming costs and the timeframe in which they will be incurred.  KBSI has developed cost modeling technologies and solutions in a number of funded initiatives, providing government and commercial industries with solutions to their cost management issues.  

In addition to our research, KBSI has developed its own COTS tools to assist customers with their cost management needs.  The AIØ WIN® software models business activities and, using automated Activity Based Costing (ABC) modeling and analysis capabilities, traces the costs of those activities. KBSI’s SMARTCOST® software helps capture the significant cost elements in a domain and the attributes that drive their costs. Captured rules encode experts’ experience in how costs are realized. The SMARTCOST® software can also help users visually organize knowledge bases within a product or work breakdown structure, dynamically pivot in their graphic models to view knowledge in different ways, and create reusable knowledge modules of select portions of the knowledge base.