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Multi-sensor integration is the process of intelligently integrating data from multiple sources to derive synthesized information that facilitates decision making.  Fusing data from multiple-sensors involves a formal framework that expresses the necessary means and tools for fusing the data and for exploiting the synergy of this fusion to generate information.


KBSI has developed technology for multi-sensor integration that applies detection, preprocessing, fusion, and data interpretation to derive sought after information. In funded initiatives, we've developed technologies for the real-time tracking and management of assets, the wireless-enabled management of production statuses--assets, resources, design updates--for the shipbuilding industry, and the real-time trajectory shaping of automated unmanned launch vehicles. Our methods and technologies have proven to be particularly effective in systems that must contend with imperfect inputs from sensor sources.

Our research work has involved a variety of fields including artificial neural networks, artificial intelligence, and pattern recognition. Developing technologies for multi-sensor data integration requires a team with expertise in NDI, multi-sensor data fusion and modeling using advanced signal and image processing techniques, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), fuzzy logic, and wavelets. KBSI has been successfully developed and implemented research technologies for sensor analysis, image analysis, fusion, multi-sensor and multi-target tracking, neural networks, and data mining (rule association, statistical analysis, clustering, etc.).