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The U.S. defense and intelligence communities are undergoing a revolution in operations that is driven largely by the explosion of network-centric technologies.  In today’s global, network-centric environment, war fighters, analysts and decision makers are not only geographically dispersed but are also very likely to reside in multiple security domains.  These conditions can make these domains vulnerable, and there have been reports of serious compromises in U.S. Air Force, Army, and State Department networks by openly hostile organizations and nation states.  These events show that determined and sophisticated adversaries can circumvent current computer network defense technologies and compromise DoD networks.  The national security implications of these cyber attacks are significant. 

KBSI has developed technologies for data pattern discovery and monitoring that can be applied in a variety of threat detection arenas.  Our work includes developing a dashboard for round the clock, asymmetric threat assessment from open source data and building technology for identifying and modeling networks of hostile actors and activities from open source data.  These types of threat indicators are often missed by conventional reconnaissance assets--assets that are more costly and time consuming to stage and deploy.  

We've leveraged our experience in semantic search, data mining and analysis and data visualization to develop several technologies that address these security issues.

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