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Automated Asset Tracking & Management

The RAMPMAP® software provides map-based, real-time visibility of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) assets at aircraft depot sites. This capability is critical in reducing the wasted movement of aircraft or other MRO assets, and in improving the collaborative planning, resource allocation, dispatching and statusing of MRO work.

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Success Story

The RAMPMAP® tool gives Tinker Air Force Base a knowledge-based visualization and management application for tracking aircraft and GSE across the depot.

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The RAMPMAP® technology was originally developed for the Oklahoma City-Air Logistics Center (OC-ALC) who were experiencing difficulties in the real-time visibility of aircraft and ground support equipment (GSE) across the depot.  The inability to "see" aircraft and GSE in real time made it hard for planners to quickly locate, stage, deploy, and coordinate critical resources for product and resource movement. In the fast paced depot environment, the inability to monitor the status and location of MRO assets results in increased costs as well as delays in the repair flow day.

The RAMPMAP® technology, building on KBSI's highly successful XML/IDEF3-based Training project, provides knowledge based visualization, management, and tracking of aircraft and GSE across air logistic centers.


The RAMPMAP® software provides map-based, real-time visibility of MRO assets on site: i.e., a "ramp map." This kind of visibility is critical to reducing the wasted movement of aircraft and to improve collaborative planning, resource allocation, dispatching and statusing of MRO assets and work. The RAMPMAP® software was developed for users of the Aircraft Maintenance Operations Control Center (AMOCC) at Tinker AFB to replace their manual process of maintenance asset tracking using a magnetic white board.

The RAMPMAP® software reduces the phone time and man-hours required to manually monitor and plan for MRO asset movements while improving the accuracy and speed of the information and decisions made by maintenance operation planners in support of their day-to-day decisions regarding resource allocations to workload accomplishment. Capturing the information in an electronic environment enables not only the quick, accurate dissemination of this information in the form of reports to management, but also automates the propagation of this information to other decision support tools (e.g., simulation modeling tools), increasing the analytical accuracy and speed of management decisions.

The RAMPMAP® software allows users to identify, at a glance, the status of aircraft on the ramps as well as see projected aircraft moves. Non-essential aircraft moves are reduced, providing controllers with a more streamlined movement schedule. This application is also being considered as sensor and terrorist attack monitoring and training tools.

The RAMPMAP® tool provides the following benefits:

  • Increase the operational availability of production assets.
  • Increase labor effectiveness.
  • Minimize moves and downtime.
  • Improved threat response.
  • An estimated return on investment of three months.

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