webbanner businesssolutions PROSIM® Lite:
Process Modeling & Simulation Model Design

The PROSIM® Lite software provides the same processing modeling support as PROSIM® without the simulation model generation capability. Use the software to model and analyze your enterprise's processes and to design high performance workflows.


Use the PROSIM® Lite software to streamline your enterprise's processes resulting in superior quality, high performance workflows with predictable results.

Version 7 of the PROSIM® Lite software features enhanced graphic display and capture capability and a series of model export options that allow you to distribute and view your process models in a number of different formats, including HTML and XML. Our newest version also allows you to import Microsoft Project® schedules.

State-of-the-Art Process Modeling

Visually capture your corporate knowledge of key processes. Focus the organization of that knowledge around flows or business object views. Drill down to explore details, and pivot to view your models in different ways. Integrate the insights of many into a single repository. Facilitate your business-process design team collaborations.

The PROSIM® Lite software allows you to

  • Organize your business processes by major value delivery scenarios;
  • Drill down or pivot to different views or your processes architecture;
  • Identify business objects, critical states of those objects, and the processes that must occur to get to a state;
  • Capture multiple role views of the execution of a process step;
  • Capture detailed process characteristics such as resource allocation rules and flow-time distributions for processes;
  • Publish your knowledge base on the World Wide Web;
  • Index into distributed corporate information sources with process knowledge map;
  • Package and distribute standardized process knowledge with the  PROSIM® Lite Viewer;
  • Show cross organization processes with swim lanes;
  • Spell check element documentation.

HTML, XML, and SVG Generation

The PROSIM® Lite software now offers export capability to a variety of formats, enhancing the display, distribution, and publishing of your modeling work.

When you generate models as HTML, the PROSIM® Lite software will create individual *.htm pages for each model, diagram, and model element (processes, junctions, and referents) including the corresponding diagram graphics and all associated documentation like descriptions, notes, and sources. The HTML files are automatically hyperlinked allowing you to jump among related pages in the project. Select the Microsoft HTML Help Project option to compile the generated files into a *.chm Help project. The compiled Help project allows you to distribute and view PROSIM® Lite projects in a single, Windows standard file.

Each published HTML page can optionally be generated with an e-mail link to enable an end user to provide feedback to the knowledge author. The e-mail capability includes a subject line that lists the name of the project, diagram, or element that is the subject of the page on which the link appears.

XML generation lets you generate a Java applet of your PROSIM® Lite project. The generated applet includes diagram graphics, elements, and all associated documentation. You can render the applet in your favorite Web browser for easy viewing.

The new SVG generation feature translates PROSIM® Lite diagrams to W3C's Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format that can then be imported into numerous graphics software.

Microsoft Project® 2000/2002 Import

Import your Microsoft Project® databases into the PROSIM Lite® software and use the PROSIM® Lite software's powerful modeling capabilities to develop and expand your original schedules.

Import from Microsoft Project® 2000 and 2002 and apply your scheduling constraints to your process modeling work. The PROSIM® Lite software translates Project tasks, task durations, and task resources into their corresponding process model elements. The PROSIM® Lite software even translates relationships between tasks, automatically assigning the appropriate link and junction types to related processes in the new PROSIM® Lite model.

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