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Instrumentation Hardware Abstract Language (IHAL)

The KBSI developed the Instrumentation Hardware Abstract Language (IHAL) as an XML-based language for describing instrumentation hardware in a vendor-neutral way. The IHAL language was developed by KBSI as part of the Intelligent System for Abstraction & Integration of Instrumentation Hardware (ISAIIH) initiative for the U.S. Air Force.

Data Display Markup Language (DDML)

The Data Display Markup Language (DDML) was developed by KBSI as part of the Data Display Translation Framework (DDTF) initiative, also funded by the U.S. Air Force funded initiative, to serve as the inter-lingua between data display languages supported by different vendors. DDML was designed with the following objectives in mind: (i) to include a standard terminology for describing data display components; (ii) to be robust and highly expressive in order to accommodate any data display language; and (iii) to be highly unified and not a loose grouping of XML-ized vendor formats.